10 – supporting the scene

So how can you get involved? The obvious one is to go to a show, gigs only work if they have a crowd of punters. If there are no shows around that you like the look of why not talk to a band and a venue about putting something on that is more to your tastes. Or help promote what is already taking place. If people using Facebook spent as much time sharing gig info with their friends as they did sharing pictures of their lunch, their cat, random political ideas and people falling over then more people would know about what great gigs we have going on. One thing that also gets overlooked is buying merchandise, for the cost of a pint or two a CD or a tee-shirt sale might make all the difference to the bands running cost for that night. The bottom line is get involved. And here are some things to get involved in.

10.1 If you want to defeat your enemy sing his song – not

TV shows

you tube

cover bands

karaoke bars

Now karaoke began as a gentle, audience participation, restaurant cabaret in the east but as with many things that pass orient to occident take on all the horrendous trappings of western culture and what I witnessed was a (largely) talentless clamour for even the slightest recognition as 30 or more people jostled join in and drown out the person taking their turn at the microphone. I had to walk out when Britney Spears “Hit Me baby One More Time” was being accompanied by screamo backing vocals by some twat in a baseball cap and beard.

With success comes a deluge of requests from others wanting your help. How you deal with this is a personal matter. It is nice to feel magnanimous and try and help people get a step up, and this is how things should work. But beware the leeches, those who just want to piggy back on your hard work.

Bands  –  requests to play gigs for nothing.

Promoters  –  can you help me put this gig on (don’t give away your secrets or else you are just training the competition to better take you on)

Writers – I have a gig /album etc can you review it for free.

some source material –  https://writesandwrongsblog.wordpress.com/2014/11/07/a-response-to-criticism-from-local-music-punters/